Phil Kelly Training Moving On...

I'm proud to announce that PKT is moving locations, back to the Lower Clarence Valley 

Many, Many, Many thanks to the crew up at Goonellabah, I am definitely a better person for having met and spent time working with you. My time at Goonellabah has been fun, but my studies have wound up and like I always quote "Seize those opportunities."

Having my beginnings in Yamba, I'm excited to beheading back to where it all began. Not only will I be running PKT, but I'm joining forces with the best in the area. More in the near future...

So I want to say one more final thanks and good luck to the PKT Goonellabah Crew. The following people in particular are awesome, and I won't forget the good times:
  • Setter & Guru.
  • The Murses - MG, Sandy, Doddsy, Carly, Superman Sauer & the Ironman Angelo.
To conclude...

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” (Albert Schweitzer)




Active Meditation (Barstazz Inspiration)


I just saw this video and was straight away inspired to train and 'get-up-&-go-get-some'. Check this awesome little video out from the Barstarzz crew:





This post today is about a principle that I not only practice daily, but constantly preaching to those that I train and coach. The world that we live in has become so overly complex and stressful that we as the inhabitants of this beautiful world are becoming so lost or overwhelmed and becoming somewhat jaded with our lives and its meaning.

What's Your Plan?

I'm proud to announce that PKT is back on youtube again, it has been a while, but well worth it. My topic this week is about planning and establishing in your own mind what you're aiming for. If you can crack open that 'door', you may be surprised what you're capable of or wish to achieve.

Oldie But A Goodie - Bodyweight Training

Long time no speak.

I was at a family function over the weekend and I had a discussion about bodyweight training and getting back to the roots of physical activity - mastering one's own body. I am a self-confessed lover of bodyweight training and hitting a park and doing gymnastics exercises etc.

"What do you want to achieve in life?"

"What do you want to achieve in life?"

(Me living out my dreams, a selfie with Davo... wait, I mean...
helping people towards their health and fitness goals)

This is a question that I regularly ponder upon, whether it's regarding my health and fitness, personal, financial, and spiritual goals. I use this question as my fuel to achieve; I use this question to keep me on track; I use this question to give myself a reality check!


I love to help people to reach their health and fitness goals.

Strength and Conditioning or "Fitness" coaching is my passion. I have spent years developing my skills and honing my craft into a level of professionalism that I am able to help my trainees to achieve what they after in life and in particular their health and fitness.

One problem I have always had was the battle between fad workouts (keeping the trainee happy and interested) and what I call need workouts (what the trainer and the trainee need). In particular, the very first workout or trial workout in order to join up at PKT. I have changed it, updated it, adapted it, evolved it and rewritten it so many times that it would make your head spin.

BUT now I have settled on a high quality fun workout, that works for both parties.

So what does that have to do with you the reader you may ask?

Well a few trainees asked:
"Why did we do so many squats and lunges for their first session?"
"I was so sore".

I answered their question with my typical:

"It provides me a with an insight into the function and interrelationship of your joints and..."

After I finished and I woke the group up from their boredom slumber, I informed them because it "...creates an awesome effect on your body."

HOWEVER, one of the fitness guru's whom walk this earth, the great Steve Hochman, has put out an entertaining and MUST WATCH video which may help to justify my reasoning. So to the Murses (that means you MG-Andre-Superman), here is why you lunge and lunge some more, enjoy:

If you would like to see and read more about GURU Steve, check out his kick ass site at this link:

Please leave me any awesome feedback you might have, about my post and definitely check out Steve's site.

Stay Classy San Goonellabah,



Getting Back in the Game - Step 1

 Completing the 2012 Jacob Lollback Memorial Paddle

As a part of 'getting back in the game', the first step isn't to just go for a run or swearing to never drink alcohol ever again. These are great tools to use in the process but without establishing a set of goals and a game plan, these tools could be wasting your time, energy and/or money.

Don't Give In!!!!

Long time no hear PKT readers.

I am really sorry about my lack of attention to the blogs over the last 18 months but my focus has been on up skilling and developing myself personally and professionally to become a better person. 

PK vs. Shift Work

It has been a while since my first installment of "PK vs." and this topic is one that I am becoming more and more knowledgeable about.

Since i started working in the fitness industry, many clients and new friends have worked in jobs or have careers which involve shift work. For those not in the know, shift work is basically working on a rotating roster which includes night shifts. This is not the desirable 9-5 which most try to attain to working (better suits some families etc.). Primarily you will see hospital, law enforcement, factory, and emergency services working these sort of hours.

ANZAC Spirit

April 25, is the day that Australian's and New Zealander's stop and commemorate the service men and women of our great nations - The ANZAC's. Whether it is those whom have served in the great wars of old or those whom serve in the present day conflicts and wars, it is these people that we need to show our appreciation and respect.

Maclean Highland Games (Old Article Revisited)

March 30th 2013 will see the 109th Maclean Highland Gathering, and with it the Highland Games. The Main Beach Training and the PKT Crews, have been secretly training for our third attempt at the games. A tradition that (I know this is definitely true for me) has become a little bit of an obsession and something that is very hard to pass up.

We are slowly becoming more and more 'experienced' and have become old heads at many of the events from our last three years. The events which we will be undertaking at the Highland Games are as follows:

Kilted Dash
Stone Putt

Log Wrestle

Hammer Throw
Caber Toss
Farmers Carry
With less than a week to go the team is buzzing to get out there and have some fun. To see some more of the action, check out the videos below (note: these guys are competing in professional highland games). If you're free on Easter Saturday come on down and enjoy the competition and the entertainment and history that is The Maclean Highland Gathering. Keep your eyes out for more Highland Info...

Thanks for reading.



Snapper Fillets with Cabbage & Crushed Potatos (Recipe of the Week)

(Photo Courtesy of

I wanted to provide you the reader with a "Recipe of the Week" article which you can try out for yourself. These recipes are not calorie counted and occasionally they can be slightly "unhealthy." I am not considering the Glycemic Index, or whether its high protein or low carbohydrate etc. The aim of this series is to provide some decent meal ideas, without the eagle eye focus on nutritional content.

With each recipe I will provide a rating of Heavy (calorie dense - good for heavy training days), Medium (not too heavy not too light on the calories - great for lighter training days) and Light (low calorie density - ideal for off days and recovery days).

Please don't hesitate and contribute comments, questions, recipes, hints and tips to any of the recipes. I am no masterchef! And I am providing meals for the masses not for a specific group i.e. weight loss.

Well, without further a do...


(This is my best attempt at a tough pose, sorry)

This is the first installment of my PK versus series, a collection of mini-articles to give you some hints and tips on hot training, health, lifestyle topics and many, many more. So let's get started...