Training on Gorgeous Main Beach Yamba

I am privileged enough to have worked on this amazing beach for the last 6 years with some pretty amazing people.
Now that I have moved to Lismore, whenever I can I love to get home and have a hit out with the crew. The most recent sessions being some of the best, despite the fresh winter conditions.

Inspired by a session that my fitness freak friend Shaun Davison, the group got a full bodyweight conditioning session that truly challenged. Teamed up in pairs, the groups went toe-to-toe with an 'I go you go' template. There were a few tired bodies by the end of the session.

The follow up session was really cold and we decided to belt out some odd object training. Each team member was issued a timber sleeper and utilised a Ross Enamait inspired strength endurance session. It included one of my favourite training modes in the whole wide world, HILL SPRINTS! I love training these motivated Yambanians, they get me so psyched and are the prime reason that I like getting out of my warm bed at 5am.

Thanks to the group for the opportunity to work with them again, and can't wait to get back there for another round. Laterz, PK