Thursday Wet and Wooly Morning Pick-Me-Up

When it is days like this (wet, cold, house-bound, flat surf, work to do etc.) you really appreciate days like these...

Yamba Physiotherapy Seminar

Friday 22 June 2012, I attended a seminar at Yamba Physiotherapy on "Predicting Injury with Quick Tests." This was a great little seminar put together by Andrea Miltiadou and Alan Nye (With help from the man Bryce Finck).

Yamba Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

A Morning At Hybrid Fitness

It has been a while since I have had time to get everything back to normal after my hectic move up to Lismore. Fortunately, I scored a few days back in the Clarence Valley last week and all I wanted to do was go check out the Hybrid Fitness new gym facility in Grafton.

Magnus Scheving aka Sportacus

I came across the kids show "LazyTown" whilst channel surfing, during my time laid up with a serious ankle injury. It's a great show about being fit and healthy as well as good morals laid out for the kids through its stories. The star of the show "Sportacus" is played by a former aerobic gymnast, Magnus Scheving, what I didn't know is that he is also the CEO, creator and co-founder of LazyTown Entertainment.

Friday Pick-Me-Up ... Tahiti Dreaming

Well it's friday and I am now on my first official 'holiday' in almost 18 months (more than 3 days). Whilst I have been catching up on the necessaries I also have been scouring through all the emails that I needed to sort out. Quiksilver sent me this little beauty through youtube subscribe. Tahiti is an amazing place full of history, beauty and raw power. 

Sunday Morning Pick-Me-Up at Pipe

It's Sunday morning and after a late night celebrating and chauffeuring for a friends birthday at Byron Bay, I needs me a morning pick-me-up!

Morning Pick-Me-Up (Sydney opera House)

This is so cool, surfing on one of Australia's icons. I've heard of people surfing the outer Great Barrier reef, but the Sydney Opera House. It is, so sic!!

Morning Pick-Me-Up

Here's a quick video from Jeremy Walters from Yamba-Angourie Surf School (Click the title to go to his web page). A great little morning pick-me-up of some super local talent, thanx Walt and Dakoda.

Never Give Up

In tough times it is hard for anyone to stay the course and sail on through the storm. I have been searching for inspiration a lot lately - a draining move away from my friends and family, studying again and leaving my old life behind have taken a heavy toll on my body and mind.

A Very Uplifting Video

A very cool film detailing the work being done to help those in need after the tsunami disasters in Indo - A Good Watch...

Welcome Aboard

After an amazing time at Main Beach Training Yamba, it is time for me to pack my bags and move onwards and upwards.
Now that I have stepped aside from the title, I can now explore healthy training, nutrition and lifestyle with you.
I look forward to this fresh start, and I hope you enjoy the site.