I love to help people to reach their health and fitness goals.

Strength and Conditioning or "Fitness" coaching is my passion. I have spent years developing my skills and honing my craft into a level of professionalism that I am able to help my trainees to achieve what they after in life and in particular their health and fitness.

One problem I have always had was the battle between fad workouts (keeping the trainee happy and interested) and what I call need workouts (what the trainer and the trainee need). In particular, the very first workout or trial workout in order to join up at PKT. I have changed it, updated it, adapted it, evolved it and rewritten it so many times that it would make your head spin.

BUT now I have settled on a high quality fun workout, that works for both parties.

So what does that have to do with you the reader you may ask?

Well a few trainees asked:
"Why did we do so many squats and lunges for their first session?"
"I was so sore".

I answered their question with my typical:

"It provides me a with an insight into the function and interrelationship of your joints and..."

After I finished and I woke the group up from their boredom slumber, I informed them because it "...creates an awesome effect on your body."

HOWEVER, one of the fitness guru's whom walk this earth, the great Steve Hochman, has put out an entertaining and MUST WATCH video which may help to justify my reasoning. So to the Murses (that means you MG-Andre-Superman), here is why you lunge and lunge some more, enjoy:

If you would like to see and read more about GURU Steve, check out his kick ass site at this link:

Please leave me any awesome feedback you might have, about my post and definitely check out Steve's site.

Stay Classy San Goonellabah,