Active Meditation (Barstazz Inspiration)


I just saw this video and was straight away inspired to train and 'get-up-&-go-get-some'. Check this awesome little video out from the Barstarzz crew:





This post today is about a principle that I not only practice daily, but constantly preaching to those that I train and coach. The world that we live in has become so overly complex and stressful that we as the inhabitants of this beautiful world are becoming so lost or overwhelmed and becoming somewhat jaded with our lives and its meaning.

What's Your Plan?

I'm proud to announce that PKT is back on youtube again, it has been a while, but well worth it. My topic this week is about planning and establishing in your own mind what you're aiming for. If you can crack open that 'door', you may be surprised what you're capable of or wish to achieve.