Nutrition 101

I have a guilty pleasure and it's not sugar or shopping etc.

I love cartoons. Why am I talking about cartoons you may ask?

Well every Sunday I wake up and watch my dose of Adventure time and Looney Tunes Show. I can't help it, I just love the innocent humour and animation (I was an art geek growing up, I was obsessed with super heroes which is possibly why I train people today... hmmmm...)

Anyways, I was watching this particular episode of LTS, when they had a little skit about proper eating. These people nailed it for a kids show and I felt that it should be passed on to you the reader (I have done posts before of similar health promotion, see Sporticus). Even if you hate cartoons, it's worth a watch to see how the health message is creeping its way into the general lives of kids and adults, THAT AND IT"S FUNNY AS!

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