Getting Back in the Game - Step 1

 Completing the 2012 Jacob Lollback Memorial Paddle

As a part of 'getting back in the game', the first step isn't to just go for a run or swearing to never drink alcohol ever again. These are great tools to use in the process but without establishing a set of goals and a game plan, these tools could be wasting your time, energy and/or money.

If we know what we want to achieve, we can then develop a plan of attack to tackle it head on. I can't tell you your goals, these are personalised to you, so YOU need to pick what YOU 'passionately' want to achieve. I myself have a huge list, this isn't recommended, I'm just ambitious and love to be challenged.

To help you understand the process that I go through to determine my goals, here is a quick guide which may be able to assist you:
  1. Visualise your goal - think about the things you really want to achieve or do. Consider the things that you're passionate about. I could set a goal like enter a bodybuilding contest, but I am not really interested in the goal and the intense training-diet to accomplish it. This lack of obsessive passion would mean that that this goal would likely collapse on me before I saw it out. I would LOVE to compete in the Molokai 2 Oahu paddle, this would require a similar dedication and training-diet commitment, but the difference is I would love to do that race! But I don't have a strong enough interest in bodybuilding. Remember - PASSION.
  2. Set the boundaries - now that you know what you want, we need to outline the goal in greater depth. You need to set a deadline for achieving the goal, this will minimise procrastination and drive motivation. Not only do we need a deadline but we need specifics for the goal. For instance, if you want to lose weight - how much weight in kilograms? If you want to bulk up - how many centimetres of muscle gain do you want? This will narrow the focus and keep you on track. Otherwise a vague goal will provide you with a vague result.
  3. Take the first step - Now we have the initial preparation completed, we need to take the first step toward the goal. Dax Moy's Magic Hundred had an important step in the goal setting process, after writing down the goal, write next to it the first step to achieving that goal. If you want to stop eating sugar, than the first step might be take out all the sugar products etc. out of the fridge and pantry. Record the first step next to the goal, an important step.
  4. Chart your progress - This is a new thing that I have begun to experiment with, and I'll tell you what, it works. I got the idea from believe it or not, the simpsons. I create a quick excel page with the days, months or whatever increments I need and as I accomplish them I tick/colour the box. These are hanging on my wall and they are constantly pushing me and motivating to get the other boxes ticked. Almost obsessive.
  5. Take Action - that is all.
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So there you have it, just a quick insight into my goal setting processes. It's not revolutionary, but it is tried and tested with a lot of success.

But it is now up to you to do your part.

Good luck and let me know how it goes for you. I'd love to hear your systems, your successes and any improvements.

Have an awesome weekend,