Maclean Highland Games (Old Article Revisited)

March 30th 2013 will see the 109th Maclean Highland Gathering, and with it the Highland Games. The Main Beach Training and the PKT Crews, have been secretly training for our third attempt at the games. A tradition that (I know this is definitely true for me) has become a little bit of an obsession and something that is very hard to pass up.

We are slowly becoming more and more 'experienced' and have become old heads at many of the events from our last three years. The events which we will be undertaking at the Highland Games are as follows:

Kilted Dash
Stone Putt

Log Wrestle

Hammer Throw
Caber Toss
Farmers Carry
With less than a week to go the team is buzzing to get out there and have some fun. To see some more of the action, check out the videos below (note: these guys are competing in professional highland games). If you're free on Easter Saturday come on down and enjoy the competition and the entertainment and history that is The Maclean Highland Gathering. Keep your eyes out for more Highland Info...

Thanks for reading.