ANZAC Spirit

April 25, is the day that Australian's and New Zealander's stop and commemorate the service men and women of our great nations - The ANZAC's. Whether it is those whom have served in the great wars of old or those whom serve in the present day conflicts and wars, it is these people that we need to show our appreciation and respect.

ANZAC Day means a lot to me, I have many loved ones whom have served to protect our freedom and this privileged life that we all have. If it weren't for their efforts, we would not have what we have today. It is these people whom have learned, trained and finally served in what many have described as horrendous or terrible conditions. Our forefathers fought in the rugged lands of Africa, the volatile conflicts of Europe, the harsh conditions of Asia and the desolate lands of the Middle East. Many have sacrificed their lives or their bodies for their family, their mates, their country and our freedom. Many still live with the scars of battle and each day is another battle for them to fight.
These people are my heroes.
These people have my upmost respect.
Today is the day that we show our admiration and respect for our ANZACs.

If you choose to go surfing or fishing on you day off today ... have a thought for the ANZACs.
If you choose to have a beer today ... raise your glass to the ANZACs.
If you choose to have a game of two-up today ... flip a coin for the ANZACs.
If you eat a dozen ANZAC biscuits today ... smash them for the ANZACs.
If you know or meet an current or former ANZAC today ... Thank them from the bottom of your heart and show your greatest appreciation.

Here is a video tribute from BnAPhotography Mackay to the ANZAC spirit:

Be safe and keep in mind why we celebrate/commemorate this important day.

Lest We Forget.



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