Natural Life - Be Like Water (From the Article Archives)

One of my all time heroes is Bruce Lee, not only did he treat and train his body like a temple but also his mind. He was a devoted philosopher and combined his love of philosophy with his love of the human body. One of his famous quotes, which I try to follow religiously...

"Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."
Much of our lives have become artificial, whether its through diet, lifestyle or even training. "Natural Life" is a way for me to communicate to you on ways people, cultures etc have recreated or evolved from the Artificial lifestyle most of live today, to a more primal or naturally human way.
This post was sent to me a long time ago by a friend and I'd forgotten about it until the other day. Erwan Le Corre, is a trainer who utilises nature as his way of living whether it be through eating, drinking, training etc. This is well made look into the sort of things he does.

So how the hell does this apply to someone living in the city or someone with a busted up body??? Get back to your primal instincts as much as possible, utilise the outdoors, swim, run, climb, breathe, experience.

My challenge to you for the next 6 weeks is one day a week - get outside and recreate yourself. Get back to what nature intended, don't set too many rules. Just get out there and remember...

"Be Like Water".
Enjoy the video