Don't Give In!!!!

Long time no hear PKT readers.

I am really sorry about my lack of attention to the blogs over the last 18 months but my focus has been on up skilling and developing myself personally and professionally to become a better person. 

This has been a major time and energy drainer and there have been times where it has been trying to drag myself out of bed to continue the tough routine and schedule that has engulfed my life. In saying that, I have had a wonderful support network around me which has been my keel, or my main sail, during the days in which I wanted to pack up and take the easy way out. So I would like to say a MASSIVE-HEART FILLED THANK YOU to those whom backed me through this endeavour, I promise I will personally thank every single person over the next few months...

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Not only has my attention to my blog been poor but my health and fitness has not been my highest priority. I KNOW, I KNOW this is nothing like me - but circumstances forced me to make a higher commitment for the time period. I have now got myself back on track regarding my professional life and now it is time to get my personal life back on track too. 

Over the time I have been dealt three different health issues which I will talk about at greater length later, which have caused me great trouble in maintaining my health and fitness. So to show and help you the reader, I am hoping to document my journey back into the game and regain my health and how I will go about it - the steps that I will take, the training that I will be doing etc. 


This little internet information garden really needs some watering over the next few months, my goal will be to add a couple of posts a week to get this site flourishing. I am also hoping to brush the cob webs off the YouTube channel and get some video blogs happening also. But I can’t do this all myself! I could write for hours on end about things that I want to hear or read about, but it is not just about me. Anyone that knows me will know that if you ask a question you will get a seminar. I love to help and this is a medium which can help me to help more people which I wouldn’t be able to reach from my little nook of the world. So please feel free to use this FREE information service. I have my strengths obviously, but I want to know what makes you tick? What you need-want to know? What issues you have yourself?  So please feel free to email me, Facebook or tweet me etc.

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I am really excited to be back in the game, and I have a lot to share and talk about with all of you.

Talk soon,