Weekly Fluid Intake #2

Week 2 at Fluid Physio & Gym went off like a cracker. The crazy holiday period has passed and the influx of budding trainees looking to push their health & fitness goals for 2014 has surged.

This week saw the sessions begin to take shape and demonstrate to the trainees what they would be working on for the first training phase of the year. I feel the key when working from scratch again (even if those you're working with are very fit and strong), is to kick start with a GPP (General Physical Prep) Program. Being obsessed with bodyweight training, this plays into my court greatly.

This doesn't mean that if you are extremely athletic that you couldn't get anything out of it. No, definitely no. Through the use of variations and specific progressions, I can have an elite athlete training with an average joe and get both of them to be equally as trained as each other. This is what a good coach does, he reads his athletes well and applies specific training to meet their needs.

Trainees were introduced to more advanced Push Up techniques that I have studied and applied into my own training for many years now. These were inspired by Pavel, Jon, Ross and many others. I always love to do these little instructionals; push ups go way beyond just getting your body from the floor to when are arms are straight.

My Saturday crew absolutely dominated the TRX's, which for many were their first time utilising these training tools.

Ironman-woman of the week went to 'The Man' & 'Pocket Rocket' (they like to remain mysterious). They went through a solid two days of training and barely flinched in the face of some of the challenging tasks I asked of them.

Keep up the awesome work.