Maclean Highland Games Highlights 2013

Calling all McCrackens...

It is time again for the Annual Maclean Highland Gathering, and I'm putting the word out for all the McCrackens to save the date and clean the rust off those highlander muscles.

Easter weekend (April 18th-19th) 2014 will hold the annual meeting-gathering of the infamous McCracken clan. Training has been scattered for the first time since we started with myself moving all around the place as well as members dealing with changes to their lives. However this doesn't have to be a deterrent but rather a encouragement to rock up and we'll get back to our roots of having some fun with our mates.

It took me too long to put last years highlights video together but IT IS DONE! Check it out below for a lighter look at our antics and accomplishments. Big apologies to David for taking so long, I appreciate the footage, hope you can make it back again this year.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST CHAMPION - SANDY McCRACKEN. She was up against some quality competitors and shone through with some amazing personal bests and efforts. Great job Sandy!

Great news, I've moved back to the home of the McCracken's and training has already started. Now that I live back in the area I will be putting the highland training program back together, so we can continue our studies of the fine art of Highland Games.

Stay tuned for more info over the coming weeks. Enjoy...

If you enjoyed this video/blog, please send on to friends and family, and if you would like to get involved check out the Maclean Highland Gathering Site at:

Or check out the pamphlet at:

AND if you're not keen on competing, come on down and enjoy the day, with Music-Dancing-Marches-Strongman events running both days and quite the site.

We also have an unofficial 'McCracken' whom can't compete with us in the games, but is an absolute legend on the pipes, Matty 'McCracken'. Come down and listen to him and the rest of the Maclean Pipe band compete against some of the east coast's best.

Talk soon McCracken's,