Weekly Fluid Intake #1


Over the years I have enjoyed including snippets of my life as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and the people that have been working with me on my blog and facebook pages. Now that I have joined forces with Fluid Physio & Gym, each week I will add a quick insight-reflection into the work we are doing down at the centre. Now without further ado, here goes...

Welcome to the first of my weekly installments of training updates from Fluid Physio & Gym!

Being my first week working with the dynamic crew at Fluid, I had to bring my 'A' game and be well prepared. My role in with this team is to provide some cutting edge fitness classes/sessions to their hard working trainees.

I know many trainers and instructors love to either undertake a massive assessment session first up or don't like to bother at all - I like to slip in between. When I get new clients at PKT I put them through a rigorous session which assesses their movement patterns, imbalances, injuries and general physical-mental condition all in a workout format. Sometimes a trainee might even forget they were being assessed until after the session when we discuss their results. This means they get an awesome workout and I get some KPI's and background profiling on those whom I am working with.

The crew that I worked with this week (many of which I have previously worked with back in the old days haha), have such a strong foundation of strength and metabolic conditioning despite their contraindicators. I was definitely stoked with what I was seeing and their is some potential that i'm looking forward to working with over my time at Fluid.

Overall week one was a hit and even though the festive season has taken a little toll, the group will definitely benefit to the holiday season quietening down and can refocus on their 2014 goals.

Keep up the awesome work everyone,


PS: For more info on Fluid Physio & Gym click this link [here] or to check out their facebook page click [here]