Motor Neuron Disease/ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Motor Neuron Disease/ALS Challenge has been hopping around gaining momentum for last few months. Well now it's my turn...

Tash Hancock - friend, connoisseur of fine food and drink and Netty enthusiast has challenged me to the MND Ice Bucket Challenge (AlS in America).

I now return serve to the following friends, compatriots, and mates:
  • All McCracken Clan members.
  • 'Oakley Avenue' Lads (406 Forever!)
  • Lismore Base Hospital ICU 'Murses'
  • Steve G and Pete H - Lismore Ambos
  • Iain Jones
  • Dan Kelly
NOW PLEASE REMEMBER that this isn't a stunt but an attempt at raising awareness for Motor Neuron Disease/ALS. Now I have already donated my money to MND Australia which can be found at the link below:

Many of you would have seen the Sharn McNeill piece on channel seven not long ago and perhaps her site Shine 4 Sharn. She is a friend of my partner Annalise and I have been educated of the effects of MND for a while now. And now I am glad to now make a contribution to the cause and help people like Sharn and her family out.

Thanks for watching,