I couldn't help myself...

I couldn't help myself in putting this post together for you the reader.

I was in the middle of some important work when I came across this quick video of 11-time world champion and legend of surfing, Kelly Slater.  There isn't some deep hidden message to this post today or overly important training or health related bombshell which will blow your mind.

I wanted to share some clips of this guru of the surfing world, keeping in mind that this guy is now forty years young and sticking it to the young guns. The first is a montage in dedication to his achievements over the years. The second is of an insight into his physical and 'lifestyle' training. The third is a video of Kelly surfing as a mirror-image. It looks like he's surfing switch foot which just looks cool (haha)

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

But this hasn't come from luck or being blessed with natural talent (well not entirely anyway), but rather from hours and hours of learning and mastering his craft. It is well known that Kelly studies for hours on end - training, science, nutrition etc.  Learning things that will help him innovate and improve his art - to stay one step ahead of the growing masses of talented youth whom are pushing for his crown.

He has been considered arrogant and difficult and sometimes ferocious when it comes to those whom take him on in the arena.  But this is a man that he so driven and so focused that the finer areas of social protocol etc. which people are sensitive to, are sometimes lost and people get their noses out of joint with him.

But Kelly has many things that make him such a success, and here some things we can learn from him:
  • He is an 'Action Taker'.
  • Always learning and fine tuning his craft.
  • Focused on his goals, whether they are small or great.
  • Not afraid to fail and learns from his mistakes.
  • Driven to succeed.
  • Innovative and always looking to push the boundaries.
  • Hard working (one of the hardest especially as he is now 40 years old).
  • Surrounds himself with successful or like-minded people.
It is these qualities that have helped him to get to where he is today, and whilst this isn't direct training advise, we can learn from this master and apply it to our own lives. How many of these things/qualities can we tick off in our own endeavors?

All the best,