Yamba Physiotherapy Seminar

Friday 22 June 2012, I attended a seminar at Yamba Physiotherapy on "Predicting Injury with Quick Tests." This was a great little seminar put together by Andrea Miltiadou and Alan Nye (With help from the man Bryce Finck).

Yamba Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
Alan and Andrea explained and then put all of the attending through a battery of tests which can be used as assessments and KPI's for determining imbalances, injury-hot-spots, etc. Having three very qualified sports physiotherapists guiding through our questions and in-depth analysis of these assessments, created a quality learning atmosphere.

Covering ankle, hip, 'core', leg, thoracic, rotator cuff, balance and endurance tests - I have a whole new arsenal of tests to better assess those that I train. Many of these (as a water sportsman myself) are ideal for predicting injuries in surfers etc.

The seminar was entertaining and educational at the same time, with anyone being able to openly discuss their thoughts and ask questions which were well answered by the group. I myself undertook many of the tests and learned a lot about myself, and things which I had been up in the air about were finally revealed through many of Alan and Andreas assessments. 

Big thanks for the invitation from Yamba Physiotherapy for this seminar and I hope to introduce many of these practices over time.