A Morning At Hybrid Fitness

It has been a while since I have had time to get everything back to normal after my hectic move up to Lismore. Fortunately, I scored a few days back in the Clarence Valley last week and all I wanted to do was go check out the Hybrid Fitness new gym facility in Grafton.

It felt like forever since I had caught up with my main man Shaun Davison, so after finally getting him amongst his busy schedule we organised a 'catch up' down at the gym on Thursday morning. I got there and I was so pumped when I saw the place.

The front door had it's own power rack, agility ladder, PROWLER and tyres. If a first impression was ever going to impress me it was this. I got inside and met up with Shaun, Nat and Josh (in the middle of training) and I got the grand tour of the facility.

I was in F#@$&*g heaven!!!! A true underground-garage style gym, I am not normally envious of someone, but what the crew have created, achieved and earned down there is well deserved and so cool. Wall-to-wall racks, weights, CHIN UP BARS ALL OVER THE WALLS, climbing ropes, combat equipment, med balls, D-balls the list goes on.

After a cool little tour and catch up, Shaun pulled the hand break on the gas bagging and we dove straight into one of his new conditioning routines inspired by the ZUU course that he had recently attended. 30 second intervals blasting out a combination of bodyweight movements, Shaun would choose one then myself (tit-for-tat), until the round was up. Chin Ups, Gorilla Crawls, Handstand Walks, Capoeira Lunges, Skaters, Push Ups, BURPEES (YEWWWW!!!) etc. were called to the rhythm of the gymboss timer until quads were screaming and shoulders were cement. We probably would have milked a few more rounds but Shaun had already been extra generous with his time and we had to bail. On his way out he gave me a wicked beanie (which I haven't told him yet has been worn every day since, moving, hockey, chores haha), and I definitely will grabbing a hoodie next time I'm down there.
Me and my Bro, Kelly (I'm the one with the beanie on)
It was such a great morning, and we both learned heaps from each other - Something I feel everyone needs in their life. A mentor, a fellow mastermind, an educator, experienced campaigner, training partner or just someone you share similar passions with. Do you have someone you can collaborate with? If not get out there and find these people because you could be missing out on furthering not only yourself but someone else also. Shaun and the crew have been a great source of inspiration to me over the years and I love getting down there and visiting, cranking out a few burpees or just reading through a blogpost or two when I get the time.


All you Graftonians out there, you need to get down to Hybrid gym and check out what they have to offer because they have an awesome timetable and variety of classes on offer. Check out their site here: Hybrid Fitness Grafton.

All the best,