No Excuses Revisited

Jacob Lollback & Corey Jones
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In 2010, I released a series of posts and videos on my site called the 'No Excuses' series, which featured my training, diet and general info after a major ankle injury I sustained playing Soccer. I was preparing for the Jacob Lollback Memorial (the first ever), and unfortunately was stuck in a 'moon boot' and using crutches for the majority of the lead up. But the purpose of the experiment was to train around my injury and see what I could achieve minus the standard training required to prepare for the event. I utilised a variety of resistance and bodyweight training combined with cardio, all with minimal emphasis on my legs. For a full explanation check out this link to my blogposts here:


So why exactly am I revisiting the No Excuses Series? Well I went and scored myself another annoying leg injury...

During a recent holiday, I was being my normal self and I stubbed my toe on a raised floor surface. Not only did I stub it, I think I probably fractured or broke my toe, because weight bearing was a major issue and needed to take pain killers. Anyway, this time of year is vital for me to keep up high levels of physical fitness, and I can't sit and do nothing for the duration of healing an injury, so when I got home I got to work on creating the 'No Excuses' Revisited. 

No Excuses Revisited follows a similar template to the original except I am coming off a long lay-off and I had been concentrating quite heavily on developing a lot of the big bodyweight exercises such as dips, handstands, rollouts, GHR etc. Now obviously I can't continue all these exercises especially the lower body ones, so I took the ones I could do and created a 5-day cycle over a month. Here is the template:

Monday:   Strength (A)
Tuesday:   Conditioning
Wednesday:   Strength (B)
Thursday:   Conditioning
Friday: Rest/Recovery
Saturday: Strength (A)
Sunday: Conditioning ... etc.

The bulk off my training over the last year has been on a 7-day cycle due to work-study reasons, something I wanted to change up now that things have slowed down again. This is also ideal as the training days change so much that you don't get too stagnant or bored on a 7-day cycle routine.

It has been several weeks since I hurt myself and not too long since I started this program but already I'm recovering rapidly and I am looking and feeling better than I have in a long time. A change is as good as a holiday, and this much needed change up was worth the pain which forced me to make the change.

Anyway for a look at the No Excuses Program check out my post over at Weekend Warrior Training for a more detailed wrap up.

Stay tuned for 'OPERATION T', a post of some of the conditioning routines that I am using for the No Excuses Revisited Program (coming very soon).

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