Sugar (The Elusive Drug)

No this isn't some narcotic from a CSI show, this my friends is sugar, the forgotten drug.

I'm not here to preach that sugar is pure evil and that we must stop what we are doing and throw out all our sugar products. I am not asking you to become my disciples or followers and give sugar up forever.

I'm a realist.

And unfortunately sugar is here to stay... However,
we have the right to choice and we deserve to have knowledge and understanding of this product. I have referred to this product several times in this article, as a drug. I am not dramatising, I am not being loose with my choice of words. Sugar is a drug and it needs to be understood better as I feel that if we choose to ignore it, it will be become (if it already hasn't) a bigger problem than all the narcotic drugs combined.

So why and how can I make these huge accusations against sugar:
  • It's very addictive (I know, I was one).
  • It's everywhere (many food products contain it).
  • It's accessible to all ages (kids to adults).
  • It can be a major cause of sickness and death (obesity, diabetes etc.).

I myself have struggled for years (and still do a little bit) against the luring tastiness that is sugar and the products which contain it. Many people in my life struggle with minimising sugar because it has been in lives for so long through what should be healthy foods i.e. bread. Fortunately I have spent many years learning at university, from health experts and relevant literature about the effects of sugar and why we need to pull the brakes up on our consumption of it. Check out this article about sugar and what it is doing to us:

I have been working extremely hard on this area of my life and have spent countless hours on helping others. But to be honest it's hard! Sauces, dressings, processed foods, restaurant meals, etc. all can contain sugar. Even so called healthy diet foods or 'natural' foods can be laden with sugar. Below is a video which may help you when it comes down to the shopping side of things.

PLEASE watch this video, and share it with as many people as you possibly can.

You may learn some vital things which could make major ripples in your own life and health. If you have anything else you would like me to research and write about leave me a comment below or send me an email and I will try and get as many of these answered as possible.