What Are You Waiting For??? (From The Article Archives)

A friend of mine loves watching the cricket. He has watched the Aussies rip through the Poms, the Black Caps and the Windies since he was a kid.

Now he is a little older but still watches the cricket every summer. Now this friend of mine unfortunately developed cataracts in his eyes, a condition which has slowly developed over the years.

When he first started noticing this problem was while watching the cricket. The score in the corner of the screen became blurry. For most, this would be a worrying development and most likely surgery would be the first step to fixing the problem in its earliest stages.

However, this has not been the case. After the initial trouble with the blurry score on the screen, he went out and bought a bigger TV. Perfect, problem solved.

But then the score became blurry again, so he went out and bought a bigger TV with a larger screen. This process has occurred several more times since, blurry score = buy a bigger, easier-to-read screen. NOTE: The size of the current TV is pretty amazing.

This is still going on to this very day, and will eventually get the surgery (which isn't that bad). Which leads me to my point...

Do you wait until it's broke before you fix it?

Many people won't take control of their health until either the last second or until they get a life changing kick in the a** from a GP or specialist doctor.

I've heard it all, "I'm too old to change now"... "I'll start on Monday"... "I've got too many things on at the moment"...

But we all need to remember this


That's all we get.
We get one shot at life.
So why do some of us waste our opportunity? Who knows!

So lets do something about it, right now!

  1. Get a pen and paper... Go right now
  2. Write down 5 things that you know are weaknesses or are negative impacts on your life either now or will be in the future.
  3. Pick one and write 5 steps/strategies you can immediately take to fix this aspect of your life.
  4. Now each day this week do one of these steps towards this goal.
  5. And finally... TAKE ACTION ( a quote from the guru of action, Zach Even-Esh).
E.g. Drink too much alcohol... Watch too much TV... Drink too much Coke... Don't get outside enough... Need to lose this beer gut.
"Need to lose this beer gut" heres 5 strategies:
  • Drink once per week
  • Stop drinking soft drink
  • Exercise everyday
  • Eat cleaner
  • Drink more water
So Monday = Start drinking 1L per day minimum
Tuesday = Started going to the gym
Wednesday = Cooked a lean meat and vegetable dinner instead of getting take out
Thursday = Made a fruit smoothie instead of drinking a bottle of coke
Friday = Drank water instead of beer during the football

Now it won't always run smooth or be 100% successful, but keep referring back to these action steps. If you complete one goal successfully start on the next goal. If you are really good do several at once.

Break the mold, be different but take action. Don't wait until your mortality is staring at you in face before you react. And remember this quote from Coach John Wooden "Make every day your masterpiece."

So whats it going to be...