Strength is Beauty (From The Articles Archives)

By Shaun Davison

Julie K Hot and Strong... Crazy huh!

Many women are worried that strength training will make them bigger and bulkier. This is a myth and something females need to overcome. Every person regardless of sex needs to strength train, strength is the main component of fitness and arguably the most important, all the other aspects of fitness rely on strength. 

Guess that's why there's are saying that the strong will survive. Also strength and resistance training will stop the effects of losing our muscle mass as we age, without strength training we can lose up to 1kg of muscle mass a year which is normally replaced with fat and will eventually leave us weak and fragile. Strength training also has a great affect on how we look, it will not make you big and bulky but it will make you look curvy, athletic and toned.

Check out the picture of Heather Bergeron below, one of the fittest ladies on the planet.

As I said strength is beauty!

There are fair to many reason why you should be doing it and really scaring side affects if we don't. 
Please, please never shy away from strength training.

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